Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Graduation Bash!

Well, if you have visited my blog earlier and had read “About Me”, then it read like:

I am Medha Ghosh. As of now, I’m basically a student in her way to complete her graduation (Ah! counting days...sigh!). I'm also an amateur plantsman,a blogger, a poet and an aspiring writer.

Well, finally I've completed my graduation (as one can easily guess from the title) from the very reputed and renowned Calcutta University. The result came out on Friday at 2 and am yet, to collect it (Saturday being a university holiday).

But, my after-graduation was nothing like one easily witnesses. It was a bash of fate on me and my career. Although, I've not done something to earn it. I did work hard and so, I did expect, too. But, I guess, its how destiny has thought about it as whole of the college has been under-marked and it’s seriously frustrating. The results are so erratic.

Naturally, the things in my life are presently cold and dead. My mum seems indifferent and my dad has stopped calling (he’s out on work). I had my dreams of getting in some of the best universities and yes, I did get selected. So, yes, I do have potential. But, I fail to have luck on my side.

But, it made me learn a big thing that life plays its own tune. You can never know which way it takes its course. You would have worked to make things a specific way, you would have dreamt and thought that you gave your 100% but still, by the end you don’t know how things will turn out to be. So, one shouldn't put all the energy hoping and expecting because then, it’s an emotional and physical exhaustion, if things go wrong.

But, in the same manner if things haven’t turned out well for you, you should never loose hope. Being positive definitely does positive. Optimism has such power. Even at this situation I haven’t given up. I believe that things will turn out some way or the other, after all a piece of paper can’t decide my future. If I've the potential, I’ll be able to make a stand for myself.

Also,if it had taken the usual course, there would have been nothing to cherish, when years pass by. I'll always remember these hard times and that I fought and survived.

Life is wayward. Don’t give up. Put on your best smile and live on, it’s your biggest strength.

Keep reading! Love!
God Bless All...!

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