Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Back From Time Travel...

A few days back I found an old buddy on Facebook. Pleasure rushed through me as if I had made a great discovery. Although, I do have many old friends on my friend list but it still seemed special, given the fact that I left my city long ago. Well, coming to that friend, he was actually a senior. But the bond we shared was not of a typical senior-junior of school. To me, he was like my elder brother (as we were family friends), with whom I used to do my share of mischieves. I have my store of memories with him.  :D :D :D

Within a day he accepted my friend request. I was really very glad and looked upon to have a chat with him; to behave as a kid again. I felt so excited seeing him 'green'; felt nostalgic remembering the good ol' happy days. But as they say: "Nothing endures but Change". It is the only thing which is constant and that it is the law of nature.

To my dismay, when I started talking, it felt like I was talking to some stranger. He behaved too-gentlemanly and with "not-at-all-required" sophistication. My pleasures, which rose when I searched him, vanished all of a sudden and it was replaced by a sense of discontent and unhappiness. During our brief conversation I even doubted whether I should address him as "dada" by calling him by his nickname and finally decided in the negative. I quickly dismissed him, making an excuse of going out as by that time it had started suffocating me. I felt too awkward dealing with him.

I crossed Facebook and started doing random things on my computer. Soon, I came across a few pictures clicked by me some years ago on a trip. The emotions which splurged from the two different situations made me scribble some lines:

I try to look through the misty mist
To catch a glimpse of sunny sunbeams
To kiss the sparkling hues of life
To hug the world it does not seems

A scenic beauty shot by my magenta Nikon Coolpix

                                                      Keep reading! Love!
 God Bless All...!

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