Sunday, 27 January 2013

Celebrating Re‘Public’ Day

The date 26th January takes its sovereign position in any Indian calendar. Bearing the face of an Indian’s new identity the date signified its importance in the year 1950. The Indian Constitution was laid down and the dream of building a new India was dreamt. The day thus gave the Indian mass an opportunity to prosper the nation of its dreams by making it a democratic and republic nation.

The term ‘Republic’ is a state in which the supreme power lies with the public. The term republic came from French ‘république’, which has derived its roots from Latin ‘respublica’. The word ‘respublica’ is a combination of ‘res’ meaning matters or affairs and ‘publica’ (fem. of ‘publicus’) meaning public.

But, standing in 2013, I feel, there seems to strike a note of discordance between the etymology or the intended purpose of the word and its present situation. Today the “supreme power” lies amongst a class of society who are unaffected by the tremors in the society. The word “republic” now seems to mean REinforcement of self-made laws and system on PUBLIC.

Actually, the problem lies due to the improper balance between the two major sections of the society: the educated unprivileged and the uneducated unprivileged. The persons who are supposedly dealing with the problems belong to the privileged class. One can never expect them to walk with the so-called unprivileged class. The class system is nothing different from the one I read in my history classes about the French society before the Revolution. And so, my history lesson teaches me that even they achieved success when they struggled together, discarding the class barriers.

 The uneducated unprivileged class is nothing but the representation of the Urban India in villages and slums. The problems and the repressions are same just the degree varies: there they lack the basic education, here we struggle for seats in colleges and universities; there they struggle for proper food and nourishment, here we complain against the hiking prices of the LPGs, there they wait in hope for the prospect of transport and communication, here we, the urban mass suffer the lack of improvement.

It’s high time we realize that these two sects can only make things better if they be together. One Urban Indian can come forward to raise one Rural Indian and make them realize the problem and its actual depth. Our little contribution can make a big difference. Rural India has to be made realize that Urban India is no different from theirs. We both have frustration, desperation and angst stored in us and by supporting each other we can canalize it. 

Keep reading! Love!

God Bless All...!

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